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As a business analyst with a rich history of service since 2006, I have been instrumental in driving efficiency across a multitude of organizations. My skill in deploying Laserfiche® Enterprise Content Management and Process Automation software has been crucial in developing customized automated solutions.

My career has spanned a wide range of industries, from government agencies to convenience stores, financial firms, and educational institutions. I specialize in dissecting and understanding the goals and missions of businesses, scrutinizing their existing processes, and pinpointing necessary modifications to boost productivity.

I possess deep experience in setting up and fine-tuning distributed enterprise systems, ensuring secure data exchange with TLS Certificates, and utilizing MS SQL databases across various Windows Server environments, including on-premises, Azure, and AWS. My expertise also includes the use of diverse SAML identity providers.

I have designed and implemented a plethora of automated business processes, making use of Laserfiche® content services, e-forms, and smart automation. These processes often incorporate MS SQL, Oracle software, digital signature tools, sophisticated document capture, and records management, all integrated with other applications via web APIs, database queries, and other techniques.

My perspective is unique, shaped by my experience with two Laserfiche® Solution Providers—United Micro Data and MCCi—and as a client at Idaho Falls School District 91 and Circle K. My work at Idaho Falls School District 91 was honored with the Laserfiche® Run Smarter® Award for “Most Significant Laserfiche Workflow Initiative,” recognizing our innovative onboarding process automation. In 2024, I was further recognized with the Laserfiche Run Smarter award for Laserfiche Advocate of the Year. My background in leading teams of Laserfiche Systems Engineers while working for Solution Providers has provided me with a distinctive outlook that benefits my clients when evaluating their organizational needs.

Laserfiche 10 Platinum Certification Badge
Laserfiche Champion
Leauge of Extrodinary Laserfiche Administrators
Rocky Mountain Laserfiche User Group
ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 for Invoices Certified
Laserfiche Run Smarter Award 2014



I can hook you up with a variety of Laserfiche-related services for your organization. Whether you need help with setting up, fine-tuning, connecting, or anything else related to Laserfiche, I have the skills and experience to reel in your goals.



These are some of the common hooks that folks throw at me when we chat. If you have a different bait, feel free to reel me in and I’ll bite as soon as I can.
Are you a Laserfiche Solution Provider?2024-05-13T07:44:43-06:00

I am not a Laserfiche® Solution Provider, so you don’t have to worry about me trying to sell you more licenses. I am simply here to help you and your organization get as much out of your Laserfiche® system as possible. If you need me to, I can help you decide what Laserfiche licensing is right for your organization so you can order it from your Laserfiche Solution Provider.

Can you open Laserfiche Support cases?2023-10-03T01:18:19-06:00

Laserfiche has two levels of support, Basic and Premium. If you have Basic support (the most common) only your Solution Provider can open a support case on your behalf. If you have Premium support anyone registered with your company on the Laserfiche Support site can open a support case. Learn more about the different levels of support here.

Do we work with organizations outside of the US?2023-10-05T08:40:21-06:00

Yes! I can work with organizations anywhere in the world.

Do you help with other technologies besides Laserfiche?2023-10-04T14:38:37-06:00

The short answer is yes. I have experience with a range of other technologies and am happy to consult on them, but I try to only consult on them with regards to how they work with Laserfiche. For example, e-signature solutions, SQL maintenance plans for Laserfiche databases, SAML, ABBYY FlexiCapture, etc.

Do you perform work for Solution Providers?2023-10-05T09:16:03-06:00

Yes! If you are a Laserfiche Solution Provider and need help fulfilling services for a client, I can help with that.

If we have a Laserfiche Solution Provider, are you able to perform work on our Laserfiche system?2023-09-28T01:29:34-06:00

Yes, you can allow anyone to perform work on your Laserfiche system regardless of who your Laserfiche Solution provider is, including installing software, upgrading software, building workflows, building Forms processes, etc.

What is your rate for services? I don’t see any prices listed.2023-10-04T14:51:27-06:00

The cost of services varies based on individual needs. Each system is unique, and determining the cost requires a personalized discussion.



Reel ’em in, mate! Don’t take my word for it, cast your eyes on what those I’ve worked with are saying. They’ll tell you, hook, line, and sinker!

“It’s been a privilege working with Blake for many years. His knowledge has been extremely helpful in improving our electronic processes. He has a unique background with Laserfiche because he has worked as a client and a consultant. This translates into a great contact with a wealth of information, ideas and knowledge.”

“I was especially impressed with his work on a complicated employee onboarding process that we recently worked with him on. Based on our experience together, I can confidently recommend Blake to any person and/or organization that may be seeking the type of services he provides.”

“Blake, the Laserfiche Guru, is the ultimate go-to for all things Laserfiche! From setup to training and ongoing support, he’s your guy. Highly recommend him for all your Laserfiche needs!”

Veronica Lopez, City of Fort Collins, CO

“Blake Smith has an undeniable talent in making processes work in an electronic fashion. He has great knowledge in the Laserfiche suite with a strong web development background. I have worked with him on a few projects that clean up poor implementations or new ones. We have also asked Blake Smith to train our internal staff on Laserfiche Suite products on several occasions. Raising the level of knowledge, allowing us to create/implement solutions on our own.”

“Blake Smith is incredibly knowledgeable. He is friendly, excellent at explaining how things work, and has helped me out several times when I’ve been stuck. Highly recommend reaching out!”

“Blake is great at training in Laserfiche. He has a vast knowledge of the system and has many useful ideas for process automation.”



Cast your line in the form below and reel me in if you have any questions or if you are ready to hook your next Laserfiche project OR Book a free Fiching Trip with me.

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